August 6, 2021


Welcome friend, this is the Penseth Company Update #1. This is the first for me and honestly, I am a little nervous. I’m Stephen, the Chief Candle Maker here.

I normally spend my days beavering away in the kitchen making candles or at the computer, editing photos and posts for publishing.

Today I am taking on a new challenge, writing a little update for our lovely customers. The new updates will give you a little insight behind the scenes.

blog in content images

blog in content images

You will get the chance to discover what we are doing, new products in the works, and learn about launches. The comments section will be open so you can ask me anything. I will do my best to respond.

So, with the little intro out of the way, let’s get started.

It has been a busy week here at Penseth Company. While the weather has taken a cold turn, I have been working on the relaunch of the scents and blending a new product range.  

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New Product Range 

Customers are great at giving feedback. One of the biggest complaints I hear from customers is that there is no way to test out products. Which is true. If you never tried the ‘Tropical Tease’ scented candle, there is no way to know how soft and sweet it is.

I was talking Kes from South London when she suggested Tester Melts. Small, single use melts that customers can buy. These testers would let a customer discover and try a fragrance before committing to a candle or mega melt.

"Of course we should have testers and I started working out how to create new Tester Melts"

When Kes suggested Testers, a light bulb went off In my head. ‘Of course we should have testers and I started working out how to create new Tester Melts.

I researched and tested ways of doing this and finally settled on tester melts. Small, single use, low cost, tester melts. In fact, by the time of the next update, they will be live and ready to order.

Thanks Kes, for sparking this.

New Scents Are Coming 

2 years since launch and 12 scents later, work is nearly complete on revamping the scents with new names, new labels, and a whole new attitude towards home fragrance.

This week I completed a batch of every Candle, Mega Melt, and Mini Melt. Check out some of the photos from our instagram.

 The new scent range will expand our candle, wax melt, and incense options. With a scent perfect for every occasion and room, you’ll find one you like.

The new photos are being edited and product pages are being created. I expect the new scents to start appearing online in 2-3 weeks. With new product bundles and tester melts coming soon.

What’s Next?

Next week I will be working on launching the tester melts, sending an email to our friends (with launch discounts), and something new for the blog too.

Thanks for reading my first update. I’m surprised how easy it was writing this in the end. If you have questions, I’d love to help. Write them in the comments below and let’s see what we can do.  
About the Author

I'm the Chief Candle Maker here at Penseth Company. I also write guides and updates for the blog.

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