September 4, 2021


Yankee Candle is the biggest candle maker in the UK. A global company with global reach. The Penseth Company is a small local business that makes candles by hand. How do the two compare?

I’m going to focus on their entry level candles and compare feature for feature. Things like; the scents, the wax type, the burn time, and containers.  

First, let’s take a deeper look at the two brands in this contest. 

Don’t have time, jump to the conclusion now.

Yankee Candle 

A global brand based in the United States with shops across the world. A strong presence in the UK, they made over £100 million in sales recently.

Penseth Company 

A growing UK brand they launched in early 2019. Selling only in the UK, they focus on hand made products. They have seen sales double with a growing presence online, on ebay, and on Etsy.  

Is this a fair comparing? 

While the two brands are at opposite ends of the size scale. They both focus on a key product, their candles. So this will only look at the make-up of their candles and nothing else. I’m going to start this with the biggest part of the candle, the wax. 

Yankee Candle Wax vs Penseth Company Wax 

guide to different types of candle wax from the penseth company

Yankee Candle:  

The wax used is refined paraffin. Paraffin wax is a common by-product of oil production (Britannica). It is good at holding fragrance and is a versatile component for candles and melts. 

The refining process Yankee Candle use is a closely held secret. However, an advantage is that it burns a lot longer than similar waxes.

Penseth Company:  

The wax here is a natural soy blend, with coconut and olive also used. As the name suggests, this type of wax is processed from natural components. These are more sustainable long term and make candles vegan friendly. 

The exact mix Penseth Company uses in their wax is another closely held secret. On their website and containers they promote it as soy based. 

Yankee Candle Containers vs Penseth Company Containers 

reuse your candle jar as dry food storage 4

Yankee Candle:  

With thousands of containers being used every year, Yankee Candle needs big supply lines. Glass for this is produced all over the world. It is specially treated to deal with high heat. 

Their unique shape is a design icon. The tapered top and the bulbous lid are synonymous with scented candles. This style has been copied by brands across the world. 

Penseth Company:  

This container is a repurposed Jam Jar. Made for that fruity spread on our toast, Penseth Company filled them with wax instead. A hidden feature is a lid that can be used as a coaster. 

Great for protecting your surfaces from the heat of the candle. These containers come from a local supplier in Devon, Bottle Company South. They supply all containers for Penseth Company candles. 

Yankee Candle Colours and Scents vs Penseth Company Colours and Scents 

best way to burn candles with the penseth company 2

Yankee Candle:  

Yankee Candle offers the biggest range of colours and scents. That is not marketing speak, that is just fact. They have spent over 50 years playing with scents to meet every taste and desire. 

They produce their scents in house and use extensive testing to get it right. It is common for Yankee Candle to retire scents too. This means your favourite scent could end up being all burned out. 

Penseth Company:  

This range of scents and colours is more carefully selected. Focussing on a suite of scents that cleanse, refresh, and help you relax. The colour choices are all vibrant and rich. 

The scents used by Penseth Company come from a small group of scent makers. Dotted between Birmingham and Stirling, these suppliers specialise in creating unique and stunning scents.

Yankee Candle Burn Time vs Penseth Company Burn Time 

best way to burn candles with the penseth company 1

Yankee Candle

The refined paraffin used here is designed for a specially long burn time. It is one of the famous qualities of this brand and it has merit. 40+ hours of burn time is normal for a Yankee Candle. 

Each size of candle will have a different burn time. Smaller ones will burn between 12-36 hours. While larger candles can burn between 36-120 hours. That translates into weeks of fragrance. 

Penseth Company

The natural soy based wax used by Penseth Company is designed for a cooler burn. The entry level candles in the Penseth Company range burn for up to 20 hours. 

However the great value of these candles means you get more burn hours for your money. In the medium term you will save money and get the same burn time. 

Yankee Candle Production vs Penseth Company Production 

reuse your candle jar as a stationary holder 4

Yankee Candle: 

Mass-produced with global supply lines and transit. Yankee candles have decades of knowledge refining their manufacturing process. Produced on a huge scale these candles use a part machine, part human process to maximise the profits of their parent company. 

Wax, Scent Oil, and Dye is melted down in giant vats that can produce hundreds of candles a session. The wax mixture is then poured into smaller jugs used to pour into the candle jars. 

Penseth Company

These candles are made to order. I am going to repeat that, these candles are made to order. They use components sourced within the UK and blend them in the studio in Greenwich, London. 

When an order comes in all the components are collected by hand. A single candle maker will then melt and blend them before pouring into glass jars. The same candle maker then labels and packages the candle ready for shipping. 

Yankee Candle Pricing vs Penseth Company Pricing 

best way to burn candles with the penseth company 3

Yankee Candles

These candles are in the higher price group. Although, I have never paid full price for a Yankee Candle because they are always on sale. This makes it hard to judge the price of these candles. 

A major positive is that Yankee Candle is in most home and design shops in the UK. Major brands now stock Yankee Candle or similar styles so you can pick one up during your shop. 

Penseth Company

These candles are priced for best value every time. Considering they are hand made and use local ingredients, you might think they will be expensive. However, they are in the lower price range for hand made soy candles. 

With a price tag under £10 for the entry level candles, this is up to £6 cheaper than similar styles. The downside is that they are not in shops. The best place to find a Penseth Company candle is the website. 

Yankee Candle Vs Penseth Company – The Conclusion 

best way to burn candles with the penseth company 4

Yankee Candle

These candles are easy to find, long burning, and have many scents. A great candle that looks fantastic, you can find them in shops across the country.

The downside is you are paying into a heavy carbon industry with global shipping, suppliers, and impact. If you can swallow that and the higher price of the candle, then Yankee Candle is a prime option. 

Penseth Company

These are personal candles. Each one is made for the customer that ordered it. Every candle is a special hand crafted item. No two candles will ever be the same and that makes your one unique. 

A local supply chain with profits invested with UK charities, makes Penseth Company an attractive option. Their candles are priced lower than most and for all these reasons, it is worth a try. 


Hey! Guess what, I’m a little bias. I work for the Penseth Company. Having said that, Yankee Candles are awesome and I could not write this article without showcasing their great qualities. Yankee Candle was not involved or consulted about this article.

About the Author

I'm the Chief Candle Maker here at Penseth Company. I also write guides and updates for the blog.

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