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Hosted Email

Step Up & Stand Out

Full Service Email

Using your domain name with our hosted email brings benefits. You get full access to our integrated email, calendar, contacts and tasks, app suite. With the bonus of our online file storage, completely FREE. Share documents, organise meetings and create follow ups from a single app, saving multiple monthly purchases. Premium email is your leapfrog to an assembled communications powerhouse.

Bonus Features

  1. Mobile Device Sync
  2. Virus Protection
  3. Social Integration

5 apps in 1

  • 1 Email - Inbox Zen
  • 2 Contacts - Segment and Target
  • 3 Calendar - Book Meetings
  • 4 Tasks - Plan a project
  • 5 Files - Backup everything


Starter Combo

£39.99 per Year
  • 3 Email Accounts
  • FREE Domain Name
  • 5GB Storage per Account
  • Browser Based Webmail
  • Virus Protection
  • Social Media Integration

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Works With These

Core Features

App Suite

A full suite of apps in one Dashboard. Email, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, and Files. A suite for all your organisational needs that integrates with everything you use. Customisable and versatile, it can transform to match your unique needs. No more switching between multiple apps means hours saved every week.


Complete Calendar

Organise meetings, remember birthdays, and find time to catch up on Netflix. Our complete calendar solution allows you to track and organise events, share information and invite attendees. Create multiple calendars and start to organise your life like a pro, it is the Penseth way. Our hosted email with calendar can work with all your current devices and apps.


Task Management

Whether you are preparing a party, planning a trip, or just need a daily to-do list, Task Management with Penseth is for you. Set deadlines, track progress, share and organise, all from a single dashboard. Integrate with Task apps on macOS, iOS, Android, and Windows. All from the single dashboard that holds your calendar, email, contacts, files, and of course, tasks.


In 5 Minutes It Could All Change

We are serious about simplicity - you could be sending and receiving email in less than 5 minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my domain for email?

Yes, our hosted email is designed specifically for using your domain name. With any email address, you create.

Is there spam protection?

All incoming and outgoing emails get scanned for virus and spam. You can also add filters and mark unsolicited mail as spam.

Can I add more email addresses?

You can add as many additional email addresses as you need with extra packages. We will centralise billing and administration for simplicity.

Can I upgrade from Starter to Premium

Of course. If you want to take advantage of our 5-in-1 app, we will help you step up.

Where are my emails stored?

We store premium and starter email in our US datacenter, based out of Texas.

Can I use hosted email on my phone?

Your email can be added to many apps and devices, including; Apple Mail, Gmail, Outlook, Android devices, Windows Devices, and any professional email app that supports IMAP or POP.

What are the email storage limits?

Our Premium Email service has a 25GB storage limit for each email address. Our Starter Email service has a 5GB storage limit for each email address.

What social integration is there?

Bring your Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ feeds directly into your email dashboard. Stay connected and build better marketing or power your sales process. It is all possible.

Different Question?

If you have another question, ask our sales team through chat. You can also try our dedicated support centre.

Email Marketing

Unleash the full power of email marketing with list building, automation, signup forms, and Facebook integration.