Mango Wood Incense Ash Catcher


This 10 inch Mango wood incense ash catcher was hand carved in the city of Saharanpur in northern India. Decorated with a beautiful floral engraving along its length.

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In the artisanal region around Saharanpur that has a rich history of producing woodware, you will find the carvers of our mango wood ash catchers. Their experience in crafting woodware in particular for incense usage is exceptional and beautiful to behold.

We have their 10 inch long, wide, curved, and engraved ash catchers. Carefully positioned to allow even a curvy incense space for the ash to onto the surface. Limiting the excess ash on your table, mantle, or wherever you enjoy the beauty of incense.

Each ash catcher is also hand carved with a beautifully elegant and naturally stunning floral pattern that encapsulates the incense holder, and the length of the wood plus an indented space for the ash to collect.

The Stats
Weight: 26g
Length: 24 cm
Width: 3.5 cm
Height: 0.5 cm

Additional information

Weight 26 g
Dimensions 24 × 3.5 × 0.5 cm


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