"Your Home Great"

They said... again!

I look with a smile,

"It's Candle Club"


Candle Club

The Penseth Candle Club is your gateway to a better, happier home. We deliver three hand-made, carefully selected candles from The Penseth Company to your home each month. That's enough fragrance and light to keep your living room, bathroom, and bedroom dynamic all month. On top of all that you gain discounts on unique products and access to Club only benefits.

3 Candles Per Month

Our team selects a complimentary three fragrance set from our collection of soybean candles. Each candle is then hand made for your order and shipped at the start of the month. See the current range included in the Candle Club selection boxes below.

Locally Made

Every candle in the Club is made to order, by hand, at our workshop in Greenwich, London.

Sustainably Sourced

All our materials are selected from sustainable and small businesses across the United Kingdom.

Epically Fragrant

Each candle burns for over 14 hours giving continuous fragrance and beautiful light throughout.

£25 per month £15 for the first 6 months

No Obligation, No Hidden Costs, Cancel Anytime

Extra Swag Included

Membership to the Candle Club gives you beautiful home fragrance unlike any other.

2 Packs Of Hand Rolled Incense

More than just Candles, you also get 2 packs of our Hand Rolled Incense

5% OFF Online

Club members get 5% OFF everything online.

Club Promos

Club members get exclusive promos and special events.

FREE Shipping

Club members get free tracked delivery on all orders.

£25 per month £15 for the first 6 months

No Obligation, No Hidden Costs, Cancel Anytime

What Club Members Say

Our word is one thing, the experience of Club Members means a lot more. See what they are saying in the testimonials below.


Jenny S.

Im loving my candles. The lime and mango is by far my favourite. Reminds me of some great trips to south Asia.


Shanay M.

Who knew I needed candles delivered every month... How did I live without this? My flat smells beautiful all day everyday, thanks Penseth


Eleanor B.

These candles just upgraded by bathroom time 10 fold. Can I get more of the Blueberry and Vanilla please!!!!!


Efu O.

Doubted this was worth it but my gosh do I love the candles and they last soo long.


Tracy F.

I have been waiting for something like this. It works and the candles are the best! Yankee who?


Rebecca A.

The benefits make this Club totally worth it. The discounts and sales are becoming good friends with my card.

£25 per month £15 for the first 6 months

No Obligation, No Hidden Costs, Cancel Anytime

How It Works

We hand make your candles and incense at the start of each month and seal them to lock in the fragrance. Next we package it up and package it nicely and give it to the courier. The rest is up to you.


Sign up using the big purple button


We make your items at the start of the month


We shipped around the 2nd of each month. 


Light up and enjoy a new world of fragrance

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly do I get in the Candle Club?

Every month we will deliver the following;

  1. 3 hand made Candles from The Penseth Company
  2. 2 packs of incense from The Penseth Company

You also gain 100 Karma per month. Plus get access to a 5% discount of certain products online, plus access to special Club discounts and promotions elsewhere.

What candles do I get each month?

Every month you get three candles from our current collection. Every other month, you're also the first to try the brand new candle we release.

How does billing work?

You will be billed when you sign up, and then on the same date every month. You can sign up with you debit card or using Direct Debit.

Is there a minimum contract term?

No! We work to earn your loyalty, not trick you into it. 

How do I cancel my membership?

Your expecting it to be difficult but it's really easy. Just drop us a message and we will cancel your membership. 

How can I manage my membership?

You can manage your membership and subscriptions through the My Account page of our website. 

£25 per month £15 for the first 6 months

No Obligation, No Hidden Costs, Cancel Anytime

Terms and Conditions

As with all memberships and promotions, there are some conditions attached. Read on to discover the terms and conditions that apply to the Candle Club and associated promotions.

  • The items in the Candle Club cannot be exchanged for other items or refunds.
  • The introductory discount applies to new memberships only.
  • The introductory discount runs from April to November 2019
  • The items and benefits in the Candle Club are subject to change from time to time.
  • The Candle Club is provided by The Penseth Company Limited.

Your Better Home Starts Here

Join the candle club and start enjoying the benefits and rewards of hand made, sustainable candles, that cost less than you expected.