July 14, 2021


2021 has been a great year for the Penseth Company and after a rocky 2020, we have been able to continue our community giveback work. Not only have we been able to continue, but also expand the work we do.

Why We Do Community Giveback

The bottom line is money. Our founder and chief candle maker spent 10 years working with Charities. These were in deprived areas working with young people.

Something they took away from Charity work was the undeniable fact that everyone is special. Everyone has the ability and capacity to do great things. Unfortunately, various circumstances limit people in their belief and confidence to achieve.

"Something they took away from Charity work was the undeniable fact that everyone is special."

The major block is money, access to it, but more importantly the facilities and opportunities that come with it. What was most surprising is that charities can make huge impacts in their community with virtually no funding. But the struggle is constant, and the fear of closure never ending.

Just a few hundred pounds and Charities have the experience and skill to deliver projects that make a real difference. So, as part of our business plan at The Penseth Company, we aim to support at least 3 community organisations per year.

What We Have Done This Year

Our come back year has been busy and exciting. We have already provided support to three organisations and are planning for a fourth.

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Administration And Digital Support

Our team continues to provide administration and digital support to our partner Charity, LLG. This includes managing emails and external queries, updating the website design and content, and working with their partners to organise international youth exchanges across Europe.

Administration and Digital work are a major drain on Charity resources. The money they received is intended to support their projects but sometimes it has to go towards admin and costs. As a company with a dedicated admin and digital team, we use our extra capacity to make running a charity, less about admin and more about community work.

Tea And Coffee Time For Pensioners.

Our founder supports a Tea and Coffee time for pensioners at least 3 times a week. This is a space for people to come, grab a hot drink, and have a chat in a safe and social space.

A major issue people across the UK face is some form of loneliness. Even when people are surrounded by friends or family, there is the possibility of feeling lonely. It is a complex and difficult thing to deal with and the Tea and Coffee time is a small step in helping people to cope with and manage those feelings.

Fundraising Support

2021 is the first year we have been able to provide direct donations to Charities. This year we have helped a Dog Protection Charity raise funds through the auction of our Candles and Wax Melts.

Small dedicated charities are the most effective at targeting issues. Their small size, and dedicated focus allows them to see and address problems that larger organisations miss. They tend to have the biggest impact on communities and we actively encourage everyone to support small charities in their community.

The most powerful thing we can do is try to support our community.

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Why you should give back to your community...

We all have our reasons that stop us giving to charity in the moment. Perhaps we give a little or are distrustful of charities. Yet, if we do not support our community, who will?

"Yet, if we do not support our community, who will?"

The most powerful thing we can do is try. Even just a little effort sends a message, it uplifts people, encourages others to do the same, and it helps to build communities. You actually have the power to make a difference, even if you cannot donate financially.

Make a difference, do something different today.

If you want to donate visit loveLife Generation or JustGiving to donate to a cause today.

About the Author

I'm the Chief Candle Maker here at Penseth Company. I also write guides and updates for the blog.

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