June 3, 2021


Mythical Incense sticks created by Stamford Black are now available at The Penseth Company. New fragrances include; Pixies Dance, Mermaids Love, and Werewolfs Bite.  

Mythical Incense Sticks

Do you ever get bored of the same old incense fragrances? Sandalwood, Lavender, Nag Champa, etc, etc. Well we found a solution to your fatigue. Mythical Incense from Stamford London are here today.

Incense makers Stamford have created a unique blend of fragrances. These new fragrances are part of their mythical incense sticks inspired by magical lore. The range includes scents like Demons Lust, Wizards Spell, and Dragons Fire. You can bring a whole new dynamic to your incense game.

Who are Stamford London

Stamford London is the largest UK maker of Incense sticks. They use the charcoal method of creating incense. Bonding a charcoal based resin to a wooden core to form sticks. This is dipped in a blend of fragrance oils to create these mythical incense scents.

Mythical Incense Range

We have bought 9 of the their best mythical incense scents to our online store. From today you can order these great fragrances. They are shipped the next working day, from the UK.

Where to buy Mythical Incense

You can grab your Mythical Incense sticks from our online store, right now.

About the Author

I'm the Chief Candle Maker here at Penseth Company. I also write guides and updates for the blog.

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