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Peach Mango Incense Sticks


Peach Mango Incense Sticks


Authentic hand rolled Indian Incense infused with Peach & Mango.


Colour: Orange
Sticks: 15 per pack approx
Burn Time: 30 mins per stick
Ash Catcher: Not included, Fits most types.

Peach Mango Incense Sticks

Relax into your meditation, Unwind with yoga, or Escape to your fantasy world. Everything is possible with Incense Sticks from Penseth Company. Find your fragrance then light, smell, love!


Up to 7 Hours

Burn TIme

Peach & Mango



Stick Length

Discover natural hand made wax melts

Lavender Leaves Scent Fragrance from Penseth Company
Colourful and Fragrant

Find a colour and scent to suit any mood. Hand crafted using natural ingredients and dye ground together, for great scent and vibrant colour. 

Calming and Relaxing

Useful for meditation, yoga, chill sessions, or just relaxing while watching TV. The rising smoke creates a visual display you'll get lost in. 

mythical incense sticks by stamford london at penseth company 1
mythical incense sticks by stamford london at penseth company 3
Worth Every Penny

Incense sticks are fantastic value for money. Produced on a massive scale, by hand, to give you great quality at an affordable price

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Peach Mango Incense Sticks


Incense Stick Safety Guide

Tips for enjoying your incense safely

Incense Do's

  • Enjoy responsibly
  • Leave a 10cm space around your incense
  • Burn in a safe place, out of reach of minors
  • Place your melt in a ash catcher
  • Bin in General Waste disposal

Incense Don'ts

  • Leave a stick unattended
  • Burn near children or pets
  • Touch a lit stick
  • Consume incense powder
  • Burn without an Ash Catcher
Dimensions 26 × 2.5 × 2.5 cm

Mango, Peach



Burn Time

7 Hours

Made In

Republic of India


The Penseth Company


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