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ChocOrange Mega Melt


ChocOrange Mega Melt


A mouth watering mix of silky melted Chocolate and fresh Satsuma is followed by Orchids and base notes of Vanilla and Cedar.

Scent Profile

Top Notes: Chocolate, Satsuma, Diary
Mid Notes: Orchid
Base Notes: Vanilla, Cedar


Color: Orange
Features: Vegan Friendly, Breakable
Burn Time: 12 Hours
Burner Size: Medium, Large

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ChocOrange Mega Melt

Bigger and longer burnCleaner than candles or incense, and the Best value per gram. Hand Made Mega Melts with long burn time and over 13 scents to choose from. Refresh your scent rotation without spending a fortune.


Up to 12 Hours

Burn TIme

Rich & Velvety

Scent style

5.5cm x 1.5cm

Width & hight

Discover natural hand made wax melts

ChocOrange Scent Fragrance from Penseth Company
Strong & lasting Fragrance

Mega Melts by The Penseth Company are brewed with a rich ratio of fragrance. From the moment you open the case, until the tea light burns away, the scent will hold. 

Long burn time

Our wax is blended for wax melts allowing for good fragrance, great colour, and a longer burn time. You can get up to 12 hours of burn time with good care and cycles.

wax melt burners from the penseth company
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100% Hand Made

Your mega melt is part of a small batch of up to 3 mega melts that are melted, blended, and proofed together. Each melt is hand checked by the maker to ensure good quality.

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ChocOrange Mega Melt


Wax Melt Safety Guide

Tips for enjoying your melts safely

Wax Melt Do's

  • Enjoy responsibly
  • Leave a 10cm space around your melt burner
  • Burn in a safe place, out of reach of minors
  • Place your melt in a proper melt burner
  • Bin when no fragrance remains
  • Bin in General Waste disposal

Wax Melt Don'ts

  • Leave a Melt unattended
  • Burn near children or pets
  • Touch a recently lit burner
  • Consume wax melts
  • Burn for more than 4 hours
  • Allow flame to touch the wax

Still not sure if the scent is for you, try a tester melt!

Dimensions 6 × 6 × 2 cm

Cedarwood, Chocolate, Orange, Vanilla



Burn Time

12 Hours

Made In

United Kingdom


The Penseth Company


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