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Fresh Freesia Mega Melt


Fresh Freesia Mega Melt


  • Freesia fragrance notes.
  • Vegan Friendly
  • 12 hour burn time
  • Made In the UK

Fresh Freesia Mega Melt

Refresh your home with a mega melt from The Penseth Company. Bursting with fragrance, coloured for the gods, and lasting for 12 hours. They will revitalise your living room, clear out your bathroom, and get the attention of visitors at any occasion. Gift one or treat yourself and feel good along the way. Hand made in the UK you’re supporting local workers and the environment with our natural soy based wax.

What to expect from your Mega Melt

Burn Time

8-12hr Burn

2-3 Tealights


Yellow Colour

Melt Size

2.5cm Tall


5.5cm Wide


Discover the beauty of hand made, natural soy wax melts.

Strong & Lasting Fragrance

Wax Melts by The Penseth Company are brewed with a rich ratio of fragrance. From the moment you open them, until the 3rd tealight melts away, the smell will be the same every time. Our fragrances are carefully blended for authentic and natural experiences you recognise.

Essential Oils From The Penseth Company

Will Last Multiple Tealights

Wax Melts by The Penseth Company are created using a natural soy wax. Our wax is blended specifically for wax melts allowing for good fragrance, great colour, and a greater relight rate. You can get up to 12 hours of exceptional fragrance and burning time with care and 4 hour tealights.


100% Hand Made

Every melt in our collection is hand made from ingredient collection to labelling. Your wax melt is part of a small batch of up to 3 melts that are melted, blended, and proofed together. Each wax melt is then hand checked by the maker to ensure good colour, great fragrance, and exceptional quality.

hand made candles at the penseth company

What others say about our wax melts

Jenny Roberts

loved the scent

I just loved the scent and how long they lasted.. amazing!

Chris Taylor

surprised how long the fragrance lasted. 

I was surprise by how long the fragrance lasted, i managed to get through 4 tealights. 

Kaylee Flabian

the colour was sooooo beautiful

The colour was soooo beautiful when all the wax melted and the smell omg the smelllll

3 for £6

On All Mega Melts

wax melt burners from the penseth company

Wax Melt Safety Guide

Some top tips for enjoying your melts in a safe way. 

Wax Melt Do’s

  • Enjoy responsibly
  • Leave a 10cm space around your melt burner
  • Clean your melt burner regularly
  • Place your melt on an proper melt burner

Wax Melt No No’s

  • Leave a burning melt unattended
  • Burn near children or pets
  • Touch the melt while it is liquid
  • Consume melt wax

More Safety Information:

Never burn a wax melt for more than 4 hours at a time. Do not allow flame to touch the wax. On the first burn, always burn for 3-4 hours to ensure an even melt pool. Ensure the tealight is appropriate sized for the melt burner Melt Burner may become hot during use. Replace your wax melt after 3 – 4 burn cycles.

Dimensions 7 × 7 × 3 cm




Burn Time

12 Hours

Made In

United Kingdom


The Penseth Company


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