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Refer a friend to The Penseth Company and you will earn £2 to spend online. Share with them below and they will receive a £2 discount on their first order. For every person who orders using your coupon code, you also earn £2 to spend in store.

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How To Refer A Friend

Follow these simple steps to help you refer a friend and start earning credit from those referrals. The process takes 3 minutes from start to finish.

Steps to configure the How-to module:

Step 1 : Create an Account

You will need to create an account on our website.

Step 2 : Visit the Refer a Friend Page

This is where you can find all the tools to help you refer a friend.

Step 3 : Decide How To Share

You can share via email, Facebook, WhatsApp, or Twitter.

Step 4 : Share With Friends and Family

Use the links to share your coupon code with friends and family.

Step 5 : Follow Up

Be sure to follow up with your friends and family to maximise your credit earnings.

Spend Rewards

Every successful referral will earn you £2 credit to spend on candles, incense, and anything else you like from our store. Check out some of our best sellers below.

Candles Info Banner Background

Scented Candles

Long lasting, strong scent, natural wax, and made in the UK. Starting from £6.99

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Natural Incense

Authentic indian, hand rolled, Incense sticks. Scents and colours available. Starting from £1.99

Refer a Friend Info

Refer a friend from The Penseth Company is a rewards programme. It offers candle lovers registered on our website the opportunity to earn credit on future purchases. All you have to do is register, visit our Refer a Friend page and use the tools to share your referral coupon code with friends and family. For each person that uses your code during their purchase, you will earn £2. Your coupon also gives them £2 off their order. So, everyone wins. There is no limit on the number of referrals you can make or the amount you can earn with our refer a friend programme. If you love candles, have friends who love candles, then this is a reward programme for you. Join us today and start earning free candles.

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