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Frequently Asked Questions

Web Hosting FAQs

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is the place where you store your website online. It's also the place that browsers head to when people want to visit your site. 

Can I launch a blog on your hosting?

Absolutely, all our hosting packages come ready to run blogging apps like WordPress or Ghost. 

What are Apps?

Web Apps are software that runs on the internet. Things like WordPress for Blogging, or PrestaShop for shopping websites. They make it easier to run complex sites. 

How Many Email Addresses can I create?

You can have an unlimited number of e-mail address and email forwarders. We also offer a new newsletter builder for boosting your site income. 

What else do I need to start a website?

Web hosting forms part of a website. You will also need a domain name; this is the name of your site. It's also what visitors type into browsers or search engines to find you. 

I have a domain why do I need hosting?

The domain name is used to find your website on the internet. However, you need web hosting to store your website, files or videos that you can then share using your domain name on social media. 

Can I add additional security to my site?

There are many ways you can improve your site security. Penseth SiteScan is a fantastic way to get started with daily malware scanning and change notifications. 

What marketing can I do for my site?

Marketing your site is probably the most exciting part of website building. There are a few options available, such as Penseth Email marketing for newsletters and mail shots. 

Domain Name FAQs

Can I register more than one domain name?

Yes, you can register as many domains you wish. 

Can I transfer a domain to Penseth?

Yes, you can transfer as many domains as you want to Penseth. 

Can I add email to my domain?

Absolutely, you can add email, hosting, security, and more to your domain name. 

Who owns my Domain?

You! To put it simply. You always own your domain, we just register it with the internet for you. 

Can I add more domaind to my hosting account?

Yes you can. You may need to order an upgraded package for the full domain features to work. 

What are your name servers?

Can I forward my domain to another website?

Yes, you can point your domain to any website on the internet. Even one not hosted by us.

It says I need an ERP code, how do I get one?

You should be able to access the ERP code from your domain dashboard. If you do not see the option there, you should contact the Support Team. 

WordPress FAQs

How do you Monitor my WordPress?

We install a special plugin that allows us to connect to your site and monitor what's going on. 

What do you mean by updates?

As new security threats emerge, WordPress and other developers update their software to make it more secure. We run these updates for you.

Why do I need to update my WordPress?

Out of date plugins can present a major security problem for WordPress. Malicious hackers can use this old code to access and change your WordPress website. 

What comes in my Report?

Your report contains a breakdown of all the updates and work we have done on your site over the past month. If you have security, or seo, addons your report will also contain information on those features. 

How do I get my Report?

We will send your report to you via email at the end of each month. 

I have a domain why do I need hosting?

The domain name is used to find your website on the internet. However, you need web hosting to store your website, files or videos that you can then share using your domain name on social media. 

Will I need to give over my WordPress credentials?

No if you don't want to. You can create a new user account just for our monitoring. 

How long before I get my first report?

We generate reports on or around the 28th of each month. You will get your first report at this time. 

Email Marketing FAQs

Does Email Marketing Work on mobile devices?

Yes, our mobile-ready designs work across multiple devices and screen sizes. 

Can I schedule emails to be sent a set time?

You can schedule e-mails to arrive at any convenient time. Schedule one to go at 9 am New York time, and one to go at 9 am London time. 

Can I customise the design of my emails?

We have a great email builder with loads of elements and modules you can use to create a unique and personalised email. 

Can I link my emails to my website?

Absolutely. You can link your emails through to websites, social media accounts, or online stores. 

Can I connect my emails to my other apps?

Our email marketing integrates with Zapier to connect your emails to thousands of other apps.

Can I create multiple lists?

You can create as many lists as you like. You can have as many subscribers on each list. You are only limited to the number of e-mails you can send each month. If you are on an unlimited email plan, you are limited to the number of subscribers, but can still have unlimited lists. 

Can I find out who opened my emails?

We provide insights into your email campaigns and detailed reports you can generate for more analysis of who is opening and clicking on your emails. 

Can I setup multiple emails to be sent over time?

With our WorkFlow feature, you can create custom flows of emails to be sent in certain situations. 

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