September 5, 2019


The end of a candle is a sad time but also a great opportunity. Mostly, old candle jars get thrown into the bin without another thought. However, every one of our candles are poured into a reusable glass jar. So, what are the ways to reuse your candle jar? It is a question we get a lot on social media and I decided to put together this short article with 5 different ways you can reuse your candle jar.

Reuse your Candle Jar as Stationary Storage

reuse your candle jar as a stationary holder 4

If you are like me, there are always odd pens lying around the house. If you are particularly organised, they may have even found their way into the pen draw. Well this is a perfect use for your old candle jar. After you have cleaned it out (see a guide for that here), you can use it to store your stationary. A pen pot is a cute addition to any desk or working space. If you are still a fan of stationary (I am for sure) then you could even add your paper clips, rubbers, or any other small stationary bits. If you kept your lid, you can even have dust free stationary. Cutting down some of that cleaning time.

Dry Food Storage

reuse your candle jar as dry food storage 4

A glass jar is the perfect container for dry food storage. It can also help you cut down on your food bill. That is a big claim that I will explain. Seasonings are quite expensive in their small glass jars. When most supermarkets will offer you 3-4 times the amount in a bulk buy. It makes sense financially but where are you storying all that seasoning and how are you keeping it fresh. Well you can drop in a large amount of your bulk seasoning into your glass jar and store the rest at the back of a cupboard.

It is not just seasoning but think flower, sugar, coffee, or any other dry food item. A used candle jar will give you a permanent reusable container for any of these items. There is an environment benefit to this strategy as well. Most brands and supermarkets offer bulk items and with your own recycled containers – you cut down on the amount of waste plastic that you consume. Reducing your global impact and helping the planet in your own small way.

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Reuse your candle Jar as Wet Food Storage

reuse your candle jar for wet food storage

Empty glass jars are a great option for storing some home made tomato sauce. Using some chopped tomatoes, tomato puree, and herbs creates a low sugar, low salt, healthier tomato sauce that you can store in recycled glass jars. You could also experiment with creating some home made jam. Beyond your own creations, you can use your glass jars to support your portion control. As they can be stored in the fridge you can set out your overnight oats and know they are fresh and ready for the morning.

Crafting and Candle Making

reuse your candle jar for crafting

Another option that I would highly recommend is to reuse your glass jars and make your own candles. Making your own candles can be a relaxing way of spending your time and they can be offered as gifts to friends or family. That is if you decide not to burn them yourself, and why shouldn’t you.

Gift Giving

reuse your candle jar for gift giving 1

Now this final option in our ways to reuse your candle jar is a long shot. But, you could use your old candle jars as low cost gifts for friends or family. Fill the jar with your friends favourite sweet and you have a thoughtful gift ready to go. Decorate the jar using nail polish to give it a personalised touch. If you are really crafty, then you could go all out with a hot glue gun, sequins and anything else your creativity can think of. Once you get into it, the possibilities are endless when it comes to gift giving.

Why it is important to reuse your candle jar?

Reusing your candle jars is important because it keeps your environmental impact to a minimum. There can be some high carbon processes involved in creating glass, moulding it, and shipping it around the world. The Penseth Company tries to minimise this by sourcing our glass jars from British based companies. However, going the extra mile and reusing your jar turns it from a one-off carbon nightmare into a multipurpose reusable and recycled product that can even go as far as reducing your carbon impact in the future. If you do not have time to reuse your candle jars, you should always recycle them as a glass product. Visit the UK Government website to discover how to recycle your glass jars and other products in your area.

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I'm the Chief Candle Maker here at Penseth Company. I also write guides and updates for the blog.

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