September 15, 2020


If like me you are a regular scroller online, then you will have come across Back Flow Incense. It has become a new phenomenon in the home fragrance community. Challenging that high tech Humidifier that was everyone’s go to present two years ago. Cheaper than candles, more natural than atomisers, and part of an ancient legacy. Back Flow incense is the new star in your battle against bad odours.

What is Back Flow Incense?

As the name suggests, Back Flow is a type of incense. It looks very similar to Incense cones with a small but mighty difference. Back Flow Incense are designed to create a fog that flows down rather than up into the air. When combined with carefully designed Back Flow Burners you can get some amazing sights.

The incense itself is made of all the same natural ingredients that go into regular incense. The difference comes in the design of the cone. A carefully bored hole in the base of the cone allows the smoke to fall down rather than float away. Different types of cones create thicker or lighter fog clouds.

Specially designed burners capture this fog and funnel it. Creating stunning waterfall scenes, or mystical forests. They can also come in fantasy styles that include dragons breathing smoke, or witches brewing potions.

back flow incense is the new home fragrance star the mag by the penseth company

Why is everyone going mad for Back Flow Incense?

It is the great range of Back Flow Burners that are really driving people wild. The unique designs turn what used to be a passive decoration into a living, moving art piece. Always guaranteed to catch the attention of guests while also providing a soothing and relaxing presentation.

The benefits are also stacked in favour of Back Flow Incense over their older cousins sticks or cones. So, the fact they are cheaper than scented candles and many of the electronic options tips people over the edge. You can pick up a Back Flow Burner and Cones for less than £10 and resupplying comes in at under £3.

What is in Back Flow Incense?

Being so cheap, you would expect there to be some hidden trade off. Destruction of the environment, fossil fuels, or poor factory conditions. However, the truth is good Back Flow Incense is all natural. Wood dust and natural gum are the basis for the cones and are sustainable and locally sourced.

The materials are collected on foot and transported to local communities that then combine the ingredients. This low carbon local footprint helps the environment but also supports local communities. Bringing jobs to rural areas and allowing communities to sustain themselves with their own crops and industry.

How do I use Back Flow Incense?

Using Back Flow is as easy as any incense. You light the tip until it smokes, then place it on a Back Flow Burner. While it is possible to use Back Flow Incense Cones on any cone based burner. For the full effect, you have to use a specially designed burner. Of course, you should never burn incense on anything other than a stand designed to burn incense. Not doing so could lead to a very unfortunate conversation with the local Fire Brigade.

Where can I find Back Flow Incense?

Back Flow incense is not hard to find. The Penseth Company offers a range of Back Flow Incense Burners and Cones. You could also check out some really funky designs on Amazon and there are some interesting choices available on ebay.

The question really isn’t where you can get Back Flow Incense but when are you going to get it? Either for yourself or as a gift for a friend, having Back Flow incense in your home is an upgrade that we all deserve.

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