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Buying Scented Candles on Ebay

Buying scanted candles on ebay

Welcome candle lovers to our buying scented candles on ebay guide. It’s a short one with some key notes to help you get straight into searching and buying scented candles on ebay. You’ll be finished reading in 3 minutes and after that you can be ordering candles in less than 5.

Why Buying scented candles on Ebay makes sense

So, you are probably wondering why buying scented candles on ebay makes sense? Well, the reason is that it is a great platform for small and medium size candle makers to launch their ranges. It also lets them compete with the Yankee Candles, Air Wick, and the Glade candles.


Your first port of call will be the website. This is the UK version of ebay that will include UK based listings and display prices in pounds. Whether on your phone or a laptop, at the top of the ebay page you will see a long white box for searching. This is where you’ll type in ‘scented candles’.

Things to Look out for in Search

Once you hit enter or click search you will be taken to the search listings page. This shows you all the items that matched your search. You can scroll down and will see images, prices, delivery estimates and other helpful information. I recommend your focus on products that offer ‘Fast and Free’ delivery.

Things to look out for in Listings

When you have found some scented candles that look good, open them up and take a look. The listing pages will show you more photos, descriptions, and detailed product information. If the item doesn’t have these things, then it is a good idea to avoid them.

Another thing to check is the seller information. Ebay puts this info in a separate box that you can easily find. It will tell you who the seller is and how many other ebayers like you have bought from them. There is a number that shows you exactly how many other buyers have left feedback on this seller. You can also click the number to see the individual feedback left by others.

Being secure

Once you have committed to buying scented candles on ebay you can head towards the checkout. You will need to create an ebay account and they will manage the order process and payments. You can pay with any debit or credit card that from the major providers.

Like any online shopping experience, be sure to use a secure device to make your purchases. Do not use public computers or shared devices as these increase the risk of your data being stolen. Ebay also has a very good customer service experience if you do run into any problems.


You now have access to all the information you need to get started buying scented candles on ebay. Follow our guide, read information carefully, and be confident in your purchase. If you do not feel confident with a seller, then you should not purchase from them.

Particularly with ebay there are a lot of independent candle makers selling their items. They may not have the feedback level or brand awareness of major brands but their products are great. These retailers take special care when making their products and want to create the best item for you. Give them a try, like these beauties.

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