May 22, 2021


Bringing a pet to your home is the start of a rewarding and comforting relationship that will last for years. They comfort us when we need it, challenge us when we are not in the mood, and give us an unconditional love that is just beautiful.

However, there are also loads of duties that come with our babies. Top among them (after food) is keeping the house clean after your munchkin has created an absolute mess. If your little one also goes outside then there is a whole new level of mess to contend with and potent smells!

Our noses get used to our pet smells. So, as unpleasant smells spread through the whole house, we can miss it. Until we have guests and their looks or nose twitches tell us that we might have missed something.

This happened to me and thanks to a very open and honest friend – I discovered that my house ‘smells like a dog’. It my defence it was Friday and I was planning to clean on Saturday ?. Regardless, it got me thinking about what I could do to cover pet smells.

Hopping online I did a quick google search, a Reddit scroll, and a facebook browse and several hours later…. I had hundreds of ideas and zero motivation to try any. The next day I came back to my tabs and picked out the top 5 things I could do to cover pet smells in my home.

1. Keep it Clean

cover pet smells with deep cleaning the penseth company

It is an obvious one. However, keeping the house clean and doing regular cleaning cycles is the best weapon against smells. The Dog lovers at K9ofMine have a list of top targets for cleaning dog smells.

First on their list is to hoover your carpets regularly, mop your wood or laminate floors, and even steam clean both if you can. Second is to get to work on sofa cushions, bed linen, and any pet blankets or beds you have. The second set can be the worst offenders and where become nose blind the fastest.

Opening the windows and letting air flow through will also help. Good air circulation will stop bad smells building up and creating a stinker. Not a permanent solution but something that can be done until you find time to get into some deep cleaning again.

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2. Covering Pet Accidents

cover pet smells especially pet accidents the penseth company 2

It happens sometimes. Your little cutie has an accident and you have a puddle (or worse) to clean up. Once you have done your duty and cleaned up the mess. There is always the hovering thought…. is that smell going to last?

One way to cover pet smells courtesy of the People at Country Living is cleaning the area as soon as possible, with a scented cleaning product. Using a scented cleaning product can deter a pet from returning to the area and repeating the ‘accident’. Because that is what we tell ourselves, right?

3. Cover Pet Smells with Air Fresheners

cover pet smells with natural fragrance products the penseth company 3

Pet smells can creep up on you over time. Those daily walks, plus garden trips, can bring all types of smelly things to your home. Even the most regular of cleaners can get caught out between deep cleans.

To avoid getting caught out, the team over at Pet Play recommend you cover pet smells with chemical free, natural scented products. Things like Soy Wax Scented Candles or Incense are a great option. You must be sure to place them high and out of the reach of any pets, please!

Where to Buy Scented Candles

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4. Upgrading to an Electronic Air Freshener

cover pet smells with electronic humidifierthe penseth company 4

If you feel unsafe using fire based home fragrance (and I get it) then upgrading to electronic is the next best option. While they cost a little more upfront than candles or incense, they have several benefits.

An electronic humidifier for example uses water mixed with fragrance or essential oils to freshen the air in your home. Oils cost less than candles and come with their own unique benefits. Depending on the oil you choose; Lavender for example can help calm pets, Citronella and Peppermint can help deter fleas and ticks. Our friends at Natures Best also recommend a diluted mix to spray on pets.

If you decide to use Essential oils be sure to read more about the right oils for your pet. Amy at Clent Hills Vets has written an article outlining the different essential oils and their impact on pets.

5. Checking with other Pet Owners

Last of the things I found most useful was checking with friends. Except not all my friends have pets but the people on BuzzFeed have a lot more friends. They prepared a list of 25 tips for cover pet odours from other pet owners.

This list was gathered from american pet owners so there might be some recommendations for products not available in the UK. A search of Amazon will bring up similar products you can get in the UK. So, no missing out for us Brits.

Quick Recap

Here is a quick recap on my top 5 solutions to cover pet smells,

  1. Keep It Clean
  2. Cover Pet Accidents As soon as possible
  3. Use Chemical Free Air Fresheners
  4. Upgrade to Electronic Air Fresheners
  5. Check with other pet owners.

Want to Get a Pet?

If you are interested in getting a new pet but are not sure what to do. I recommend you head over to the RSPCA. They are the largest charity in the UK dedicated to protecting animals. With many pets needing a new home this is the best place to start a beautiful new relationship.

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I'm the Chief Candle Maker here at Penseth Company. I also write guides and updates for the blog.

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