March 13, 2021

Spring Giveaway 2021 Launches Today

by Stephen

In celebration of our 3rd year in business, we are giving away a collection of hand made home fragrance products. The Spring Giveaway 2021 is our biggest ever competition, with a prize worth over £55.

This year has been a tough year for The Penseth Company. We had many struggles but managed to power through, launch new products, supported the loveLife Generation Charity and grow our business. All thanks to our amazing customers. So, now we are giving back!

What Are The Spring Giveaway 2021 Prizes?

The Spring Giveaway 2021 prizes include a collection of our best-selling scented candles, wax mega melts, and incense sticks. All are hand made, scented, and dyed. Created using natural ingredients and locally sourced materials. With a retail value of over £55 we are giving it all away for FREE including postage and packaging.

The Prizes Include;

4x Scented Candles from The Penseth Company with 20 hour burn time each.

  1. Chocolate Orange Scented Candle
  2. Lime Basil Mandarin Scented Candle
  3. Cherry du Ceret Scented Candle
  4. Lavender Chamomile Vanilla Scented Candle
Spring Giveaway 2021 Incense candles
Spring giveaway 2021 candles

4x Scented Mega Melts from The Penseth Company with 12 hour burn time each.

  1. Tropical Tease Mega Melt New*
  2. Homely Honeysuckle Mega Melt
  3. Fresh Freesia Mega Melt
  4. Blueberry Vanilla Mega Melt
Spring Giveaway 2021 Mega Melts
Spring giveaway 2021 mega melts

60x Incense Sticks from The Penseth Company with 30 minutes burn time each.

  1. 15 Apple Cinnamon Incense Sticks Exclusive**
  2. 15 Coconut Incense Sticks
  3. 15 Lavender Incense Sticks
  4. 15 Patchouli Incense Sticks
Spring Giveaway 2021 Incense
Spring giveaway 2021 incense

*The Tropical Tease Mega Melt is a brand new fragrance that we launched in March 2021

**The Apple Cinnamon Incense Sticks are not currently available on our website.

“The more entries you have and the greater your chance of winning”

How to Enter the Spring Giveaway 2021

There are 10 Ways to Enter our Spring Giveaway 2021, head over to our Deals Page to enter the competition. Once there, you can enter using any, and all of these methods;

  1. Enter your name and email address (no marketing) – 1 entry,
  2. Refer a friend – up to 5 entries for each referral,
  3. Follow The Penseth Company on Twitter – 4 entries,
  4. Join our Club Penseth Email Group – 4 entries,
  5. Take a Quick Poll – 3 entries,
  6. Answer a Candle Question – 3 entries,
  7. Tweet a Message – 2 entries,
  8. Visit The Penseth Company on Instagram – 2 entries,
  9. Visit The Penseth Company on Facebook – 2 entries,
  10. Visit our new Mega Melts Page – 1 entry.

The methods you choose are up to you. For every method of entry, there are up to 5 individual entries to be awarded. The more methods you use, the more entries you have and the greater your chance of winning the Spring Giveaway 2021.

What Are The Rules For The Spring Giveaway 2021?

There are a couple of rules you should be aware of before you try to enter the competition. Breaching any of these rules could have your entries invalidated and removed from the prize draw.

Only people over 18 years of age, and living in the United Kingdom can enter the Spring Giveaway 2021. If you are under 18 or live outside the United Kingdom, we cannot include you in our prize draw.

You can only enter the competition using the Spring Giveaway 2021 Form. This form can be found on the Deals Page.

When Will The Winner Be Announced?

The Competition closes on Sunday 30th May 2021 at 12pm (that’s midday). Within a week of the closing date, a winner will be chosen at random using a software programme.

A week after the competition closes the winner will be emailed by The Penseth Company. Congratulating them on their win and asking them to provide a delivery address for their prize. The prize will be sent within 2 weeks of an address being given.

During this time, we will also announce the winner on our Facebook page.

To Enter the Spring Giveaway 2021, visit the Deals Page here.

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