March 8, 2021


If I were to ask you where to buy a chocolate orange scented candle, what would your answer be? If you started thinking about it, give up. I am here to tell you exactly where you can pick up that silky jar of joy.

But Why Chocolate Orange Scented Candles?

For me, there is something gorgeous about the smell of Chocolate Orange. It is that smooth, chocolaty aroma that silks into a tangy citrus kick. I find it really comforting while also being a little motivating.

Capturing that essence in wax and turning into a long-lasting candle is a skill. Too often you open a candle that smells amazing but an hour into the burn and the smell is long gone. Only the most dedicated fragrance brewers, after trial and error, can achieve the success.

What to look for when buying scented candles?

How do you know what will be a good candle and how long will it hold its fragrance? The first thing to look for is a natural wax based candle. Soy is a widespread natural wax but there are also coconut and rapeseed based waxes.

“Natural waxes are better at holding and releasing fragrances”

Natural waxes are better at holding and releasing fragrances over a long time. Part of their skill is that they burn at a lower temperature than chemical based waxes. This lower heat allows the fragrance oils to evaporate slower and stronger.

The second thing to look for is layering of different types of waxes. Some of the lower priced candles tend to mix wax types. A top layer of beautifully coloured, and fragranced wax is covering a generic blend of unscented white wax.

“An unlayered candle will be 100% fragranced wax”

The problem with layering is that it dilutes both the fragrance and colour of the candle. Sometimes by over 60% after the first burn. That means the candle will never be as good as when you first light it. An un layered candle will be 100% fragranced wax, coloured too.

The last recommendation I shall make when looking where to buy chocolate orange candles is the colour. A substantial amount of the new scented candles on the market are uncoloured. There is a simple reason for this, colouring wax can be very difficult. Repeating that over hundreds of candles makes consistency even harder.

“Coloured candles do look 10x better in my opinion”

So, most chandlers starting out will avoid colouring the wax to provide a stable and consistent appearance for their customers. Whether a candle is coloured or not has almost no impact on the fragrance. However, coloured candles do look 10x better in my opinion.

So the three things to consider when looking where to buy chocolate orange candles are this;

  1. Wax Type – Go for a natural soy, coconut, or rapeseed wax.
  2. Single Layer Check that the candle is a single solid layer of wax with no hidden dilutes
  3. Go for Colour – It does not affect the fragrance but it looks amazing.

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Where to buy chocolate orange candles?

where to buy chocolate orange scented candles with the penseth company
where to buy chocolate orange scented candles with the penseth company


Amazon obviously has a great selection of chocolate orange candles but it is hard to know what is quality among all the UK and International sellers. Always read the reviews, and see if any other buyers are selling the same candle. Numerous resellers sell the same items on Amazon so it is always smart to search around.


B&Q offer a small range of candles among all their helpful DIY stuff. They are a stocker of Yankee Candles which remain the biggest brand for scented candles in Europe and America. If you like Yankee Candles, this is a lesser known place to find them. However, they are not a natural blend of wax if that is what you are looking for.


Dunelm has a small but unique selection of scented candles. Their focus is on different styles of container with many elaborate and beautiful designs. Dunelm is a good choice if you want your candles to become part of the décor and theme of your living space. While also providing some great fragrance.


Ebay is a fantastic place to pick up chocolate orange scented candles. There are loads of candle makers selling their products in ebay. The choice of style and burn time are as large if not larger than amazon. You can pick up everything from named brands like Yankee Candle or Prices to new and emerging brands such as Ancient Wisdom and even The Penseth Company.


Etsy is a crafters paradise and that includes exceptional candles. If you are willing to spend a little extra for that truly unique item then the scented candles on Etsy are perfect. Etsy have elegant jar candles, artistic container candles, and hand brewed floral candles that include petals and aroma boosters.

The Penseth Company

The Penseth Company are the only dedicated candle makers on our list. Created in 2019, they make simple, low cost scented candles. Their chocolate orange candle is hand made, using natural soy wax, and coloured using a rust orange colouring. With a smell release that lasts for up to 20 hours.

Reviewing Where to Buy Chocolate Orange Scented Candles.

For lovers of Chocolate Orange scented candles, the rich and vibrant fragrance is a winner every time. It connects with that sweet loving part of our brain and makes us feel good when it passes our nostrils.

Finding out where to buy chocolate orange scented candles is as much about understanding what to look for in the candles themselves. A natural based wax will give a better fragrance release than a chemical based wax. Ensuring the wax is not diluted with unscented wax will ensure give you a better and longer lasting fragrance. Finally, a good colour while not essential will definitely add to your enjoyment. Both seeing the solid candle colour and then enjoying the coloured melt pool.

Once you know these things it is just a matter of picking the retailer that you want to support. Your purchasing power is a major influence you have on the world. Where you spend your money will decide whether CEO’s get a bonus, or a British community gets investment and jobs.

Lastly, enjoy your purchase. Find the right spot for your candle and take pleasure in lighting it. Sit back and watch as the first wax melts and pools around the wick. Within minutes you should start to smell the fragrance and notice it spread around and that will last for several hours. This is the joy of candles.

About the Author

I'm the Chief Candle Maker here at Penseth Company. I also write guides and updates for the blog.

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