April 30, 2020


Scented candles are everything. They sit quietly on our tables or shelves looking all cute and fancy. Then when we need a little boost, their fragrance and light fill our rooms and make us feel better.

Where to buy scented candles is a question I have had to answer a few times and so this guide is my gift to you. No longer will you have to hunt and search. Just follow the links below and you will be ordering scented candles in minutes.

Where to Buy Scented Candles

There are of course loads of places you can buy scented candles, and a few probably top your own lists. The local supermarket, or a B&Q are two obvious choices where most of us find our candles. There is a whole marketplace out there, that is just waiting for you to discover.

Hunting around online there are loads of independent candle sellers, and even candle makers based all around the UK. A growing candle making industry is booming and what they are offering will beat the big brands of price, quality, and sustainability.

So, without wasting anymore time. Let me show you some of the top places you can find great scented candles for even better prices.

Scented Candles On Ebay

Ebay are a massive online store – known particularly for their auctions. Plus the ability for users to sell their old items and furniture online.

Their candle range is HUGE with loads of fragrances, sizes, styles, and colours. A quick look through their search listings will have something for you.

The prices of candles on eBay vary a lot. With some overpriced and some truly under-priced candles available.

I recommend giving eBay a search because you are going to find something you like. Though you may have to do a little searching for the perfect item.

If you have never used eBay before, check out this guide to buying scented candles on eBay.

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Scented Candles On Amazon

The big beast of online shopping, they pride themselves on selling everything from A to Z and being able to deliver most things in 24 hours.

Being the mecca of online shopping, they of course have a MASSIVE range of scented candles and accessories.

Amazon is trickier with the prices as they both sell and allow other sellers to use their marketplace to sell.

This creates a big price difference between sellers, on the same product. Searching around amazon could be worthwhile.

You will likely have better luck using other more specialised retailers who are used to providing detailed information about scents and profiles.

Yankee candle

The American Brand that is synonymous with scented candles. Yankee Candle are a master of fragrance creation and provide good products consistently!

They offer everything from large jar candles to mini wax melts and loads of bits in between. Including a big range of tart burners and accessories that really come in handy.

Their pricing is steep in the market though. You could find similar size, or even better products for a lower price point on most online stores, and even shops.

Some people love a Yankee Candle, I always tell them to try someone else. Yankee are a well-known, well placed brand. However, their wax is petrol based and not very sustainable.

The Penseth Company

The last in our list is a relative newcomer. The Penseth Company focusses on hand making sustainable, plant based, scented candles.

They offer a smaller range to some of the other marketplaces but what they do offer, is some of the best quality. They do small scented candles, wax melts, and a few other candle types.

Their pricing is hard to beat. You could easily save a pound on almost any product you choose. Being a UK, local business, also means that any money you spend goes back into your local communities.

I might be a little bias on this one, but I absolutely recommend that you give them a try for your next scented candle. You will not be disappointed.


There you have it. Our list of where to buy scented candles. A few of the best retailers that are open and selling scented candles as I write this article. There is a good chance they will continue to sell well into the future. So, if you are reading this in the year 2320 then check out the links, they should still be working.

About the Author

I'm the Chief Candle Maker here at Penseth Company. I also write guides and updates for the blog.

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