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What is Incense and how to use it?

A question we hear often is what is incense and how do I use it? ...
Burning Candles in Winter

Burning Candles in Winter

It happens to all of us, as the clouds roll in and the nights get ...
Shipping to EU and USA

Shipping to the EU and USA

Update: We have temporarily suspended shipping to the EU until there is clarity on the ...
Teal humidifier resting on an open book.

Alternatives to Candles

Candles are a fantastic way of bringing some beautiful diverse smells to your home. However, ...
Running hot water into a glass jar to clean it

How to clean used candles

There comes a time when you must accept the inevitable. Your candle is finished. The ...
Burning Candles Effectively and Safely for Maximum Burn time

The Best Way To Burn Candls

It seems so simple when asked how to burn candles? You get the candle out, ...
Empty candle jars made of glass

5 Ways to Reuse your candle jar

The end of a candle is a sad time but also a great opportunity. Mostly, ...

Learn Italian – Ordering at a bar or restaurant

Words or phrases marked in bold are in the Italian Language A common reason for ...

Learn Italian – Say Hello and How Are you in Italian

Words or Phrases marked in Bold are in the Italian Language. Ciao amici, welcome to ...

Learn Italian with The Penseth Company

Words or Phrases marked in Bold are in the Italian Language. Ciao bella, I know ...

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Scented Candles

Long lasting, strong scent, natural wax, and made in the UK. Starting from £6.99

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Natural Incense

Authentic indian, hand rolled, Incense sticks. Scents and colours available. Starting from £1.99