S. Ihme joins the Penseth Universe

We are very pleased to announce that customers of S. Ihme will be joining the Penseth Universe. S. Ihme was instrumental in the founding and development of Penseth as a super simple Web Hoster. The intention was to provide a platform that could enable his customers to access sophisticated hosting infrastructure in a super simple way. With the release of our V1.2 upgrades, the time has finally come to welcome S. Ihme and his customers into the Penseth Universe.

What does that mean if you have services with S. Ihme? Well, you will have already received an email from S. Ihme informing you of the move. If not, please check your inbox and spam folders. Over the next couple of months, your products and services will move over to the Penseth Universe automatically. When that happens, you will gain access to all your current S. Ihme services, through Penseth. Plus gain access to everything that is currently available through Penseth and the Penseth Portal

Below, we have grouped information on the changes and what to expect under headings. Please scroll down to check the information relevant to you.

How will the move from S. Ihme happen?

You will receive an email from S. Ihme confirming your migration date a couple of days in advance. On your migration date, Penseth will do everything needed to move you over to our servers. You will not notice any interruption in your products or services during this time. When it is complete, you will receive an e-mail from Penseth confirming the migration, and giving you access to the Penseth Portal. After that point, the migration will be complete, and you will have joined the Penseth Universe.

Web and WordPress Hosting Services

Your websites and information will be automatically transferred over to Penseth servers. You will not have to do anything, and there will be no visible change to your site. However, behind the scenes, you will gain access to cPanel – the Control Panel for your web hosting account.

From cPanel you will gain more control over your entire web hosting package. It will give you access to;

  • Emails, create/edit/delete email addresses
  • File manager & FTP access to upload/download/share files
  • Access to applications like WordPress, PrestaShop, or Magento
  • Better domain management
  • Security enhancements
  • Site Statistics
  • Plus advanced features like SSH, CDN, and SEO tools.

You will be able to access all of these through the Penseth Portal when you receive your login details after the migration is complete.

Domain Registrations

Like with Hosting, domain registrations will automatically be moved to Penseth. You will not have to do anything. When the move is complete, you will gain access to full management of your domain name. You will be able to do everything you need with your domain including access to a robust DNS server for the advanced users.

Pricing and Renewals

We have aligned our prices with S. Ihme, so your recent renewal price will be similar if not the same as your future renewal price. You can view our product prices on our website. Your renewal dates will also stay the same.

Extras and Bonus

As a new customer of Penseth, you will also gain access to everything else we have to offer. This includes access to the Penseth Portal. The Portal is your online gateway to Penseth. From there you can manage your contact information, billing and invoice settings, plus all your products and services.

Exclusive Discount

As a former client of S. Ihme, there is one more thing you get. An exclusive 10% discount on all purchases from Penseth for as long as you have an active product. Like everything else with Penseth, this is super simple and requires nothing from you. We shall automatically apply the discount to all your future orders! Seriously.

If you have any questions about the move to Penseth, you can contact S. Ihme directly or speak to our Support Team to ask any related questions. You can also checkout our Web Host Guide available here.

Finally, welcome again to the Penseth Universe.

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