Server Update June 2017

Good afternoon all you wonderful members of the Penseth Universe. The heatwave in the UK is coming to an end which means energy levels will start to rise and focus will return for many of us. Except for the unfortunate sufferers of hay fever. If you are like me, the last week will have been a blur of sneezes.

However, this post is not about the weather or allergies. It is about the service updates we made over the past month. There are some exciting updates I am happy to share with you. Plus, I also have some information on our roadmap for updates over the coming months.

Server Updates

Over the past month, the Penseth servers have been updated and maintained to ensure the best possible service for all customer sites. We have also upgraded the Anti-Virus scanning for all e-mail and file uploads that pass through our servers.

Service Changes

There have also been changes to the customer Control Pad. We have removed the announcements section from support as we continue to integrate this part of the Control Pad with the Penseth Universe. All future announcements will be posted directly to the Universe.

Future Road Map

The team at Penseth have been working on developing our roadmap for product upgrades, new releases, and more. So, I get the pleasure of announcing the new roadmap over the next few months.


In July we will begin new monthly Domain and Website Promos. Each month we will be offering savings and promotions on different products and services. Each month will be slightly different, giving 12 new opportunities a year to grab a bargain and launch a new idea on the cheap.


In August we will launch our new Website and Logo Design services. Our team has over five years experience delivering great website experiences to freelance customers across the World. From August, Penseth will offer Website and Logo Design services to current and new customers. More details will follow.

I will update you on the development of new products and services, and also give you a complete roadmap when we have finalised it beyond August. That is all for your service update for June 2017. I will be back this week with some exciting new posts to help you keep growing your legendary website.

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