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You’ve stumbled upon something very special. Penseth is a new type of website company. We’re a company all about making the internet super simple and easy to use. Because, we believe that when you make the internet simple and easy, people can create the most amazing things.

So, that’s what Penseth is all about. We take those complicated things like web hosting, domain names, security, development and design, and make them easily accessible to everyone. You just need to know what you want and our team will turn that into beautiful online experiences.

At this point, we’ve hopefully caught your attention. However, you’re also probably asking yourself ‘What do they actually do?’. Well, that’s just as simple.

Web Hosting

Web hosting, the technical server, email, control panel, things. We’ve carefully created a server network that is robust and dynamic to cater to modern needs. Whether you’re looking to run a sports blog or a magnet store, our infrastructure is ready for you.

Our offer is simple, with two to choose from. Each option gives you key insight into the things you want to know. How much storage? How much data? and what about emails? It’s all there. For the more tech savvy or those wanting a full rundown, those specs are available too.

Domain Names

These are the names for the websites on the internet. You already know some of the most popular ones; Google.com, Facebook.com, or BBC.co.uk. With a domain name you select the .com. or .co.uk part and can make up the first to suit your site. Like SportsFCBlog.com or CakesAndBakes.co.uk

We’ve used two of the most common domain names above, but we have over a dozen more names you can select, such as; .pro, .email., .click, .biz, or .org. You can make sure your site has the perfect name.

WordPress Mission Control

WordPress needs tender loving care. Having a WordPress site and not updating the plugins or themes can lead your site to become a security risk. Imagine losing all your data, all that time and effort, lost, because of a malicious hacker. Mission Control takes all the risk out of the equation. We monitor your WordPress site, check for security risks, run regular backups, and we regularly update the plugins, themes, and core WordPress files.

All this combines to create a comfort bubble around your WordPress site and the hard work you put into it. It doesn’t even take a lot to set up. A one-time login to your WordPress website and you could get up-to-date and protected against loss. It doesn’t end there. We also have some great plugins and our very own WordPress Page Builder that we feel is one of the best tools for WordPress.

Penseth VIP

Sometimes, you just need to feel like the VIP that you are. Penseth VIP is the exclusive club with executive service. You’ll be assigned a dedicated Website Agent that can manage all your hosting, domains and all other Penseth services on your behalf. No more searching and organising, just drop a question or request to your Agent and they’ll do all the leg-work for you. On top of that, as a Penseth VIP, you also get a whopping 40% OFF everything in the Penseth product range for any period of time. Its service and savings to show just how much we value our Penseth VIP.

Keep in Contact

There’s a lot more available from Penseth. Your first stop should be the Penseth Universe. This is the central location for everything Penseth including our guides, offers, information, and everything else. You can also catch us on social media, Twitter and Facebook, and our networks of choice and we’re always ready to get talking. Site chat on our website is also available for anyone who needs extra help. Then there’s our mailing-list, which will be the first place to find out about new recommendations, apps, advice, and guides from the across the web on boosting your Website.

The bottom line is we’re here to help and if you have a question, we’ll help you find the answer.

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