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Website Security

Full Site Scanning

Secure and Safe

Protect your website with daily vulnerability scanning to highlight any potential problems with your site. Maintain a valuable reputation and avoid Googles malware blacklist. Increase sales by over 10% on e-commerce websites with a SiteLock Trust seal to inform your visitors you take their security seriously. With our continuous site scanning, your site is checked and checked again for maximum awareness. Never get caught out again.


Site Scan

£29.99 per year
  • Deep 360 Degree Site Scan
  • Daily Malware Scanning
  • Daily Blacklist monitoring

Site Scan 100

£79.99 per year
  • Automatic Malware Removal
  • Daily FTP Scanning
  • Up to 100 Pages

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  • Web Application Scan
  • User Plugin Application Scan
  • Brute Force Attacks Scan
  • Backdoor Vulnerability Scan
  • SQL Injections Scan
  • Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
  • Malware Scanning
  • Spam Verification
Site scanning for security vulnerabilities.

Daily Scans

Searches your site and network for common weak spots hackers exploit to inject malicious code into your site. Your online reputation and the security of your website are critical elements to your business. With SiteScan you get peace of mind and proactive defence against emerging threats.

Automatic Removal

Our SiteScan 100 comes with the added benefit of malware removal. Once setup, should any malware be detected on your site, our SiteScan team will help remove the unwanted menace from your website. Adding to your confidence and peace of mind.

SiteScan automatic malware removal

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SiteScan and what does it do?

SiteScan is a service that performs daily scans of a website to identify vulnerabilities and protect against threats like viruses, cross-site scripting, SQL injection and even email blacklisting.

What types of problems doe SiteScan scan for?

SiteScan performs a Deep 360 Scan that encompasses:

  • Reputation monitoring: ensures the reputation of the website is intact and communication to visitors and customers is uninterrupted.
  • Malware blacklist: monitors search engine and proprietary malware lists to make sure the site is not blocked by search engines and browsers.
  • Spam blacklist: ensures that e-mails reach customers' inbox (not their Spam folder), SiteLock verifies e-mail addresses, domains, and email servers against lists used by popular email tools to identify spam.
  • SSL Verification: ensures users do not see a certificate warning or error when visiting your site.
  • Network security: validates the security of the network by making sure there is no opportunity for hackers to access the server.
  • Drive-by-downloads: scans the website to ensure visitors are not being infected with viruses often placed on websites by hackers.
  • Customer data protection (SQL & XSS): performs forward- and backward-looking scans to make sure current and future visitor/customer data on the site is secure.
  • Application security: verifies that any 3rd-party applications installed on your website are secure and up-to-date.
  • Business Verification: certifies the validity of the business and provides a certification badge to display to website visitors to let them know the business or website is legitimate.
  • Domain ownership: ensures that the domain owner is in control of the website domain.
  • Postal Address: verifies that the site owner can receive and respond to postal mail, such as customer payments or inquiries.
  • Phone Verification: ensures that there is a phone number where customers can report issues or request additional products or services.
Will get I notifications of a problem?

SiteScan will inform the site owner by email, and with an alert in the SiteScan Dashboard. The report will provide complete information about the issue that is found along with help to remove it.

Will visitors know if there is a problem?

Site visitors will not be alerted to any problem. The SiteScan seal will simply continue to display the date of the last good scan of the website site. If the site owner fails to rectify the problem, within a few days SiteScan will remove the seal from the site and replace it with a single pixel transparent image. At no point will SiteScan display any indication to visitors that a website has failed a scan.

Does SiteScan work with my hosting and software?


Will SiteScan impact website performance?

No. SiteScan scans won't impact the performance of a website. The SiteLock seal has no impact on load times.

How do I install the SiteScan seal?

Users simply include the JavaScript snippet that SiteScan provides in the footer area of their site or template.

Can a SiteScan service subscription be upgraded?

Yes. Customers can upgrade from SiteScan Basic to SiteScan 100. Downgrades are not possible. When a subscription is upgraded, the expiry date for the subscription is reset to one year from when the order is submitted.