What Is The Penseth Company

"The Penseth Company is a family run business based in the east of London, UK. We create home fragrance products including Candles and Wax Melts. We make our products by hand, focusing on quality, fragrance, and appearance. It was born during a tough time for the family, with high levels of anxiety effecting members. During a playful candle making experience one member discovered the calming and soothing effects and began making candles regularly. Over time, the experience and benefits expanded and the hobby turned into a company."

Stephen, Chief Candle Maker

Make high quality products that people enjoy

We use a plant-based wax that is long lasting and cooler to burn than other waxes. Our fragrances oils are blended by specialists that focus on creating nothing but beautiful candle ingredients. Every supplier is British based and dedicated to great quality candles. This means every penny you spend is going back into local communities from the South Coast to the Scottish Highlands.

Supporting Communities

Our commitment to community goes beyond our suppliers and purchasing. We are actively involved in our own community, working with a local charity to support the development of local young people. Working with loveLife Generation, our team takes time out each year to help plan, organise, and run activities. These have included training courses for youth workers, youth exchanges for young people, and business support for the charity. We are committed to our continued work with loveLife Generation and encourage you to make a donation on their website

Think about our impact

There is a documented history of people finding mental and wellbeing benefits from the use of fragrances. As far back as the Bible’s writing, people were offering frankincense as gifts to friends and family. While the scientific evidence is still being explored to support this, people love fragrances. From perfume, to fabric softener, fragrance is everywhere. For this reason we carefully select our fragrance portfolio to support your own mental wellbeing. Whether you need something to energise you, calm you down, or remind you of that special memory, we have a fragrance for you.

We want to do this while also being conscious of our environmental impact and encouraging to the communities that support us. It is important to us as individuals and a business to ensure that our impact on the environment and society is limited and manageable. One way we do this is by eliminating single use plastics in our production and packaging process. This is almost complete and plastics that remain are widely recycled by local councils.  We also offer guides on how to reuse our packaging and we encourage your creativity in finding ways to reuse it too. Our wax is plant based and comes from renewable sources that are sustainable in the long term. This increase in agricultural output increases job opportunities and develop of communities overseas. The use of this type of wax cuts down our use of fossil fuels as many other waxes contain oil as a major wax component. While we continue to use plant-based wax we will also be mindful and follow developments of deforestation to ensure we are not contributing to the loss of our natural wonders.

Getting in Contact and Feedback

Feedback is something that drives improvement and we welcome it. If you have some feedback you can leave a review. Use the form below to share your feedback with us, you can include an image and we may use it on our website or marketing materials. 

What was your experience?

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